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2emo_tional's Journal
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Thursday, October 11th, 2007
7:22 pm
i'm back
once again i apologize to everyone and Chloe again and again and again etc.
anyone who wants to talk to me on LJ should add me on my new name
but i may use this one occasionally .

Current Mood: nervous
Friday, September 22nd, 2006
4:03 pm
Soz that i havnt written in a long time but i havn't remembered.
i just wn't to say:
i am in Oliver
yes Oliver ir real
i fany Sean in Swalwell
that is all

this message will self destruct in 5 seconds


Current Mood: thank ful sum1 likes me again
Monday, August 14th, 2006
10:43 am
he broke up with me yesterday n tht  is y he ain't in my bio again.
well just 2 say tht i wn't mention him on here again.

Current Mood: drained of life
Monday, July 31st, 2006
1:54 pm
i've bin finkin
well. i've bin finking
c in as i always 4get 2 write on sundays, y i don't write on a monday cause i am anyway
tht wil b easier.
but i am still sad cause <33<33♥♥~~+*DAVID*+~~♥♥<33<33 is goin on his hols 4 2 HOLE WEEKS
i'm gonna b so lonely
but i want him 2 hav a good time cause if he has to go then he may as well hav sum fun.
well tht was basically it

p.s. nofin but tht has really happened u c so i got nofin 2 say.

Current Mood: i am alone
Monday, July 24th, 2006
9:18 pm
soz again =¬
soz again cause i 4got 2 write in last night so i will now.
well i have : - 
1. been on my hols
2. got money ( well i am owed money if tht counts.)
3. got more stuff
4. oh n i got 2 go 2 Asda ( sarcazime by da way)
5. i got 2 c Ddavid again
6. caught up wit ham
7. found out charlie waz on her hols

n tht was it. on my hols i got a: - 
Braid in my hair
a bag
a ring
a necklace
a snorkle set
a skull cap ( tht i am wearing right now)
a new top (tht i am also wearing   ( 0 )_( 0) )
 n tht is abo0y it but: - 
well acctually we hav been talkin 4 a long time n u probably already no but i am still happy abo0t it.
 so i am going 2 say by b4 i say the thing tht i didn't want to say abo0t my hols

p.s. i will nit b finishin da story as it is takin up peplz freinds pages. if u do want 2 no da rest i will print it all out so far. either tht or i will email it 2 u. no worries.


Current Mood: i'm alowed on here after al =¬
Saturday, July 22nd, 2006
10:12 pm
Soz i ain't writtin in but i am only goin to right happy fings n only every sunday as tht is all i am allowed.
writtin in on sunday


p.s. also it is cause i was on my hols in Mallorca
(They were happy)
oh n wot do ya fink of my newest smiley : - 

Current Mood: careful abo0t wot i write
Monday, July 3rd, 2006
7:09 pm
on a happier

on a happier note i is here to right more of my wee little story
now, down 2 business: - 
suddenly, there was a deafening pound at the door and a lot of coughing was herd from the children upstairs, as the dust fell from the bedroom ceiling.
' no time to explain now, just listen and do exactly as i say. go upstairs and pack all your things into the large travelers trunk at the end of your bed.'
i herd a nother huge bang from the door way.
' then go in to my room and collect all the things on my bed. i know that they will look rather strange but you will need them. if there is no more space in the trunk, then put them in to the leather bag in my wardrobe. do you understand? Look at me!'

' i understand mum but why...'

' just do it. we haven't got time for this right now'

and as i was runnig up to my room i herd her shout behind me : ' Hurry'

then there was two more powerful blows the front door followed by a deep voice that said,
' Mrs Tukle, is that you in there. have you got Kelly with you? is she all ready? oh don't worry by the way, it is just me. do you remember? Malfania? i went to school with you cause of my little eh problem. Remember ?'
i know that i was upstairs during all of this but it was kind of hard not to hear him. in what seemed to be an eternity away, i herd my mother say the fatal words that would change my life forever,
' Oh uh come come come in. she will be down in a minute.'

Chapter 2
then i remembered that i had to pack my stuff and with that ran upstairs and started to clear my shelves and my cupboards and my on suit. all i could do was watch all of my thing disappear in to this massive, gyps decorated trunk, that seemed to have no botom to it.
as i finished puting my diary in the trunk, i remembered that i had Saphira, my cat, in to her traveling box because i could not leave with out her. it was fairly easy to get her in, in fact i think she new what we were doing as she had been reluctent to get out of it lately. next i glided in to my mothers room and saw a series of books, a stick, i little rusty old pot, and an asotment odf other such items. then i noticed that on the floor by my feet, there was a bird cage and when i looked up, i saw an eagle. a golden and snow white eagle. i don't know why i did this but i did, but i picked up the cage and a soon as it came in to veiw above the bed, the eagle baby  flew gracfully off it's perch, across the satin bed sheets and into the cage. then with it's beak  closes the door neatly behind it

well. well
what do you thin so far. ok i no tht it is a wee bit like  Harry Potter but it was were i got my insperation from, oh n david if u is readin this, plz tell me da story idea tht i told u on da fone a couple of dayus ago.
ta love
i guess tht tht is everfin so...

Current Mood: did i right tht much
6:02 pm
Chloe can just BEEPING BEEP off
i wish tht i had never met this little s**t called chloe as she is just a controlling and diciving B***h.
and i cn't care if u read this cause i wn't u 2 no wot i think of u.
here is the reason tht i dislike her (understatement of the year): -
B***H: OMG i h8 emos they are so annoying
ME: oh thanks
B***H: sorry if u no any but i just h8 them. i mean sliten their wrists.
ME: charmin
B***H: wot? r u an emo like?
ME: well ya thanx 4 noticing
B***H: no efence but if u r a real emo then u wudn't admit it
ME: well did u eva think tht a didn't care
B***H: yeah but u shud cause emos dn't really wont 2 b known as tht

n if tht ain't right then tell me u lyin little B***H

well tht is al

Current Mood: pissed at Chloe
Sunday, July 2nd, 2006
10:31 am
M3g's story time, again?!?!?!?!?!?!
i ain't gonna give a little shpeal
ha shpeal i love tht word
anyway i am just gonna start were i left off.
foolishly thinking that it was from my dad, i rushed over and tore it open. inside i saw a small piece of parchment, slightly yellowed with age. the scrolled writing on the paoer read: - 
Dear Miss Kelly Rose Tuckle
A great fourtune lives in your future and you must let it out now. To help you to do this, you have been given a place here at Thomha Gifts School were you can be with others like yourself. I wish you the best of luck finding us
                                          Ryan Richard Lipston
once i had finished readind this unsettling note that filled my China plate, and I had left it to sink in to my only 14 year old mind,i became a little scared and worried. As i am sure anyone else would have been if your mother had told you to read that letter.
' it came around about 4:30.' said mum sounding a little anxious about somwthing or other,' it may not be from yout dad but it certainly tells you were he is.'
'he's at school!!!' I yelled' Your kiddig me.oh,and what does it mean by others like myself. WELL!?'
'Daniel, Amy, why don't you go upstairs and get dressed please.'
' But mum' daniel began
' Why do we have to go?' Amy finished.
it always scares me when the do that i thought. but never the less, I watched them leave the room and begin the steep hike up the stairs.
' The thing is, well, when i met your father, he sort of more unique than i first thought'
' What do you mean?'
' Ok, I am just going to say it and shock you. he was, i mean, is a wizard and he is at that school waiting for you to join him there.'
' But to go there, i would have to be a, a...'
' A witch. just like your auntie ileine is and your granmother Jill.
all of your dad's family was, that is why we had to get a divorce. because i was...'
' You were what. Normal?'
' Yes. that's one way of putting it.'
' Wait. if i am a witch, then why did know one tell me before now? i mean wow. i have so much revenge to get through. HERE I COME JENNIFER GREENWELL!!!!!!!'
' No. You can't let anyone know what you are. except for other good witches, because yes, as well as good witches, there are bad witches and wizards. there are also things like witch hunters which do exisist, but are dieing out quiet quicklynas you can imagin'

oh well have to go and get ready as we are going to the beahc to day. write in again l8r.

Current Mood: devious
Saturday, July 1st, 2006
10:37 pm
M3g's story time continued
i probably wn't be able to do very much as it is l8 n i is going 2 bed shortly. anyway.
wot a happy little story again: - 
' well hurry up then.' mum said unimpressed.
' coming mam!' i replied sarcastically and run over to the stairs and started the desent to the first floor. next i began the two level and eight room maze to the kitchen.
but their was no dad. there was only a letter. a small, white envelope with a tiny rip in the top, left hand corner. i then noticed, the faint smell of what seemed to me to be. no, i couldn't be. in the house. it was unmistakebly, an eagle but they had never been found anywhere near here.

oh well. got 2 go 2 bed. i'll add more 2morrow

Current Mood: sick
Thursday, June 29th, 2006
7:40 pm
wot a happy little story
yes tht is wot u WILL say wen u red my weekly updates to da story i is going 2 start writtin 2day
it waz originaly my english story in last years test but oh well, it saves me time in thinkin of it.
it goes like dis so far:-
title:                            TRUE CLOURS       (okay. so i tweked da 
                                                                         overall fing a little. i'll 
                                                                         admit 2 tht.)
Chapter 1
    the smell of six a.m. wafted in to the tuckle kitchen and mixed with the scent of fresh bacon and eggs. my two younger brother and sister of the family, the twins daniel and amy, rushed down the stairs to taste the delectable treat that mam had prepared. i however stayed upstairs, waiting for the sweet smelling aroma to wake me up too. it didn't. my mum was heard stomping up the metal, spiral staircase to my tower room, screaming,
'why aren't you down stairs young lady?' bashing violently on the old wooden structure that seperated them she continuded, 'everyone else is!'
'even dad. is dad down there too? did he finally come back for the visit he promised?'
'why don't you go and find out for yourself' said mrs tickle in such a way as to encouraged me to go and investigate. i slowly lifted myself out of the four - poster bed. i put on my baggy balck jeans n a black n white stripped tube top. i pulled my also strippy armbands on. then, on  my way to the, now weakened sevearly, mahogany door, i slipped on my black silk n velvet slippers. not know in what to expect, i opened the door gingerly but much to my surprise, mum was already half way down the staircase.
dun dun dun
find out more nest time on
soz i just had to put tht. but did yu no tht tht ain't ecen a page of it yet?
eh eh
cause if u did then u wud b...
well done.

i will probably type in a small entry l8r but so long 4 now.
so long
fair thee well
pip pip
i type again soon

p.s. david decided 2 walk in 2 a window to day n cut his head.
clever lad him like
jk <33<33♥♥*+~~DAVID~~+*♥♥<33<33 jk
i ♥L♥O♥V♥E♥ u really
he will probably tell u all aboot it in his journal
hint hint
so take a look

Current Mood: cold hearted inside
Tuesday, June 27th, 2006
8:37 pm
happy aniversary
happy aniversary
happy aniversary
happy aniversary
Haaaaaaappy aniversary
(4 2morrow)
i know tht was pointless but it were 4 david
oh n david
ANSWER DA GD PHONE WEN I RING cause i was lonely n feelin unloved
nofin around ur name. TWICE.
so plz if u get dis call me
n sorry kathryn i ain't rubbin it ur face. it ain't my fault dat dis is da only way i can talk 2 him at da mo but neva da less i is sorry/

well dat is all i wunt 2 sa 4 now.

p.s. WE R M8S EMZ.  !  !  !  ! SERIOUSLY !  !  !  !
n i ain't dpressed because of u david.
it's just cause of practically everyfin, but u

Monday, June 26th, 2006
7:38 pm
i got sum new stuff
i got sum new stuff  n got my hair cut.
yes u herd me i got my hair cut n now i have an emo fringe n i ♥L♥O♥V♥E♥ them so much, but not as much as i ♥L♥V♥O♥E♥ my <33<33♥♥*+~~DAVID~~+*♥♥<33<33 but still.
i also got 4 new tops n a new Celia Rees book, as she is cumin 2 meet my class n sum y10 classes, n i got a new ring as my other 1 broke. again. any way, i think tht is all i got.
well after that i went to <33<33♥♥*+~~DAVID~~+*♥♥<33<33 bday party n we went 2 da gate n saw 'the davinci code' which was great as it had this really creepy but slight *s*e*x*y* guy who reminded me of and albanian but still, actually it was kinda pridictable cause i sorta guessed half da stuff tht was gonna happen but still. oh n at da start, wen da film hadn't even started yet me, ham n <33<33♥♥*+~~DAVID~~+*♥♥<33<33 was havin dis conver aboot it n dis man in front of us said:-
' will u shut up or get out' but we dn't no how he herd us cause we was whisperin 2 each other. oh well.
tht was really it so
p.s. dis was all on saturday
oh n after, we went 2 <33<33♥♥*+~~DAVID'S~~+*♥♥<33<33 house 4 a BBQ n we all met his family n stuff. it twas fun.
bye 4 real dis time

Current Mood: no 1 here with me
Saturday, June 24th, 2006
9:10 pm

i know tht u r right next 2 me but tht ain't da point
the point is
have a party  <:o)
n a cake (^)
n lots n lots of prezzies [8][8][8][8][8][8][8][8][8][8]
from me of course
thts al i wanted 2 say

love u loads

(soz da hearts dn't work)
p.s. have a great day

Current Mood: in my dreams
Wednesday, June 21st, 2006
8:05 pm
Guess wot i found out!?!?!?!?!?!?
well 2day i was just randomly typing n i found this:- 
i no that it dn;t seem like much but it looks really cool in a smiley c =¥
2 get it all u do is hold down alt n press157 over on the side under NumLock but tell me wot u think of it cause i barely get any comments anymore
sob sob sob sob sob sob sob sob sob sob.
i wud have my ♥B♥E♥L♥O♥V♥E♥D♥ <33<33♥♥*+~~~DAVID~+*♥♥<33<33 leavin me comments but no
his computer crashed
wot was he thinkin
here that David
just kiddin u dn't really. i ♥L♥O♥V♥E♥ u

P.S. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz leave me a comment
Tuesday, June 20th, 2006
7:16 pm
the subject is...2day, duh
well, 2 day me n emily d got told off for handing in our homework on a disc which made no sense at all when he told us that he wudn't mind if we did. he seriously thought that we wud pay 2 pounds to print off our homework just for him.
keep dreamin mr hutchings
oh, by the way, I ♥L♥O♥V♥E♥ DAVID H DONALD! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
did u know?
no, didn't think so. well i am going 2 try n put this pic on the again so that u dn't have 2 fiddle around with it 2 c it, but if i dn't work then press the little ' x ' in the corner of it n then scroll down so that u can c it. but here goes nofin = ¥ :

oh well. it didn't work but just do what i told u 3 do b4 but bare in mind i put it on for my presious <33<33♥♥*+~~DAVID~~+*♥♥<33<33 so dn't look unless u r david or u just really want 2, either wya i ain't that fussed.
y can all atill tell me wot u is fink about it.
i am so depressed n no1 wud under stand y. sorry david, but not even u wud, unless u were secretly emo. even if i thought that sum1 wud understand, i still wudn't tell u cause it is really strange n it has 2 do with 1 of my dreams that is slightly disturbing even 4 me n that is sayin sumfin.
well i will probably write in l8r but by 4 now yo'll

p.s. my kitte just got her first shot 2day n is ginog back in about 3 weeks for the 2nd 1.
bye 4 real this time

Current Mood: misunderstood
Saturday, June 17th, 2006
8:47 pm
Welly welly welly

so so so

i was all upset this mornin as i thought that i wudn't c <33<33♥♥*+~~DAVID~~+*♥♥<33<33 until monda, i ♥L♥O♥V♥E♥ u <33<33♥♥*+~~DAVID~~+*♥♥<33<33, n i was so sad
sob sob sob
but then my mum said that i cud invite him 2 cum with us,
dun dun dun dun dun dun Super Mother,
so i called him at about 20 past 8am, on his mobile so the only people i cud possible wake up were <33<33♥♥*+~~DAVID~~+*♥♥<33<33 n his bro Robby.
then i asked, fingers crossed, n he said emmmm, yeah. so at 20 past 9am he showed up at my house n my gran took us down 2 the Hub. at 9:30, we got on a coach, we were seat numbers 25(David) n 26(me). after about 40 mins, we arrived at our 'destination'. it was so borin on the coach. anyway, wen we got off the coach, we went into Alnwick gardens. in about 10 mins, we had already split up, me n <33<33♥♥*+~~DAVID~~+*♥♥<33<33 were in da serpent garden gettin wet n wot not, my da was sitten on da grass n my ma ,bro,gran n sister were also in da serpent graden, but they is in a different part. then l8r we went back 2 da grass 2 have lunch.
after we had all eaten n were packin away, ernie came up n took a picture of us all. then we hopped off to da castle were me n David did a we little Quiz, which we got all right by da way.

(hyper clap) yeah us(hyper clap)
oh n we stood in 'madam hooches', 'Harry Potters', 'Oliver woods' n many more peoples foot steps.
at 4:20 we had 2 make our way back 2 the coach, un when we got there, we still had sum time so we went 2 da tree house which is like resturant na play place all in 1.
cool huh
at 30 past 2pm we went back to da coach n got on. then we sat there n went 2 sleep 4 40 mins until we got home. wen we got 2 my house, we got off n <33<33♥♥*+~~DAvID~~+*♥♥<33<33 stayed 4 tea. then we played monopoly which he waz losin misrebly, LOL soz DAvID, but at 8pm we had 2 take him home n theni started doin this.
n now i is finihsed.
i ♥L♥O♥V♥E♥ u <33<33♥♥♥<33<33
Hugs n kisses 4 u:-


Current Mood: cause my mum cut herself
Friday, June 16th, 2006
8:22 pm
I am DEPPRESSED! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

 i can't c my <33<33♥♥*+~~DAVID~~+*♥♥<33<33 until sunda but that is only a mayb. it is cause my gay little parental units won't let me out of the house and then r dragin me to fukin Anwick Gardens whis i really cn'y b arsed 2 do. so i won't c my ♥B♥E♥L♥O♥V♥E♥D♥ boy freind until 2morrow. so i found the perfect smiley 2 discribe my mood. i looks like this:-

ain't it amazin?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
y not tell me in a comment????


Current Mood: depressed
Thursday, June 15th, 2006
8:04 pm
! ! !WE HAVE A SONG NOW! ! !
! ! !WE HAVE A SONG NOW! ! !
it is our own imprevisation of were all going on a summer holiday.
it goes like this:-
were all going on a summer holiday
to iraq
we all know that we aint
comin' back
'cause we've been captured by
iraqy terorrists
they are going to all make sure n
kill us


wot do u think.
tell me in a comment.

P.S. i now that it is offensive to Iraq n that so dn't bother tellin' me that k.

Current Mood: cause me n david made the song
7:44 pm
<33<33♥♥*+~~DAVID~~+*♥♥<33<33 n me have a song no.
it is our own imprivisation
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